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solar straw bale house



project:               solar straw bale house
location:              eugene, or.
photographer:     shea bajaj
description:         • this straw bale house was
                              the first to be permitted in 
                              eugene, oregon and the 
                              first two-story straw bale
                              house to be permitted in  
                              the state of oregon.             
                           • all of the straw for this house 
                              came from local sources.
                            • this house was built using
                              healthy-house principles
                              including '0 - v.o.c.' paints
                              and finishes.

cost savings:      • straw bales provided R-50 for
                             super-insulated walls. 
                           • solar hot water heat is used
                             to pre-heat the radiant floor 
                             heating system.
                           • the main atrium of the house
                             is a passive solar sun space 
                             that keeps the house warm
                             in the winter months.
                          •  the house uses passive 
                             stack-ventilation to meet
                             summer-time cooling needs.