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schematic design of
mt. baker backyard cottage

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Project Types & Work We Love Doing

  • Home Remodels & Additions

  • New Home Designs

  • Accessory Structures & Cottages

  • Energy Efficient and Sustainable Design

  • Lighting Design

  • Furniture and Fixture Design

Design Process

Typically the design process incorporates most or all of the following phases. We can tailor this process for your specific budget and project needs.

  1. Feasibility Study - This is an initial investigation to help determine what you want to achieve and what we can do given your site, the current codes and your budget.  This is a collaborative effort in which we encourage our clients to be involved in the process. This process will culminate with the presentation of several design options, which are rendered in 2D and 3D format. We typically do this for a fixed fee based on project scope.
  2. Schematic Design - This phase can be a continuation of the Feasibility Study phase or if a client is ready to get started, we will have a meeting to refine design intent, develop the design, review building and zoning codes in detail and look at materials and finishes. We will also present 2D and 3D design options for the client to review.  This phase will culminate with our clients selecting the design they want to build.
  3. Initial Cost Forecasting - We will present a process in which initial construction costs will be addressed and determined so that the right construction approach is established for your project. This is a very important step for us to make sure you get the best quality yet make sure that the design that is being developed will meet your budget.
  4. Design Development - In this phase, all of the pots on the stove get fired up. The design that has been approved by you and meets the initial cost forecasting exercise gets developed. This entails bringing on board necessary consultants if required (such as a structural engineer, soils engineer, etc.). Often, another round of pricing happens at the end of the Design Development phase and before permit submission. 
  5. Permitting - Application for building permit typically happens during or just after the Design Development phase. While the building permit is being reviewed by governmental agencies, Construction Documents are being created and Contractor Selection and Bidding & Negotiation are underway.
  6. Construction Document Creation - Whereas the Permit Drawings show how the final design responds to all of the building and land-use codes, the Construction Documents show in detail how the building will be put together. These documents are used as part of the final pricing exercise and will be what the contractor uses in the field to build your project.
  7. Specification Manual - These are typically created for more complex projects or larger projects that will be competitively bid by multiple contractors. Specifications are a binding document that call-out specific materials, methods and industry standards that must be followed.
  8. Bidding & Negotiation - This involves interviewing and selecting a contractor and determining what type contractor/owner agreement you would like to go with. Typically these are either fixed bid, cost plus a fixed fee or time and materials contracts. The end of this process is the selection of a contractor and final pricing of your project. Typically the Construction Documents and Specification Manual (if one is created) are used as the main pricing documents.
  9. Construction Observation - We are your representative to make sure what was designed and drawn gets built as intended as well as ensuring you get the quality of building you are paying for. This also includes doing our best to make sure that the construction process runs smoothly and that the contractor's questions and requests for clarification are responded to promptly. We typically provide this service on a time and materials basis.