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laurelhurst remodel & addition



project:               laurelhurst remodel
location:              seattle, wa.
photographer:     shea bajaj

description:         • when a beautiful view of 
                              lake washington was
                              threatened to be blocked by
                              a  neighboraddition,
                              viridian design was hired
                              to come up with a fresh
                              design that not only fit the
                              existing aesthetic but also
                              reclaims the owners view.
                            • there was a desperate
                              need for more storage for
                              this young family so viridian
                              design came up with new
                              storage rooms that could
                              easily be converted to a
                              future bathroom and 
                              bedroom expansion.
                            • viridian architecture &
                              design also worked as
                              the lighting designer
                              on this project.
cost savings:       • high-efficiency radiant floor
                            • re-use of existing foundation 
                              without needing to add more.
                            • structural framing was all 
                              wood thus cost savings in 
                              not needing structural steel.  
                            • a new storage room was
                              stubbed-out for a future bath.
                            • construction was staged so
                              owners could live in their
                              house during construction.