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central district remodel & addition



project:              central district remodel 
location:             seattle, wa.
photographer:    shea bajaj

description:       • what was originally a design
                            for a kitchen remodel led to
                            our client asking us what we 
                            could do to transform his  
                            house to increase daylight
                            and sense of openness yet 
                            meet a fairly modest budget.
                          • the existing house did not
                            have an interior stair to
                            connect the upper floor to
                            the main floor.
                            the new stair connected
                            the existing house together
                            as well as the new third floor.
                          • viridian architecture & 
                            design also worked as
                            the lighting designer 
                            on this project.
cost savings:     • remodel was designed to
                            use the existing house
                            foundation as well as 
                            existing exterior walls, 
                            windows and doors.
                         • incorporates energy efficient