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bluff house



Project:                bluff house
Location:              seattle, wa.
Description:          • this  house comprises of 
                              a 1200 sq. ft. house
                              connected to a 600 sq. ft.
                              accessory dwelling unit (adu) 
                              so that the owner can rent
                               out the adu for supplemental
                            • this project received a
                               master builders
                               association 5-star
                               built-green nomination.
                            • This house incorporates
                              many green design features
                              such as rainwater collection
                              and passive/active solar.
Cost savings:       • Incorporates super-
                              insulated walls and structural
                              insulated panels for
                            • Rain-water collection system
                              provides all grey-water
                            • Incorporates energy efficient
                            • Reflective coating on exterior 
                              keeps building cool in
                            • Building incorporates high
                              recycle content.